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“2018 will be a key year for corporate event professionals.”

-Julius Solaris, EventMB

The role of corporate event planners is changing dramatically, from executional and operational roles, to strategists. Your audience demands more. They’ve seen it all, they’ve witnessed it all. They expect the best of the best...

This report offers the best tactics for breaking through the noise to truly resonate with your attendees, including tips for how to use technology strategically to get results. 

Inside this eBook

10 Trends in Corporate Events

Capture attendees' attention in the New Meetings Environment Exercises

How to Smash the 10 Most Common Corporate Event Objectives Using Eventtech

About the authors

Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris is the editor of Event Manager Blog. Started in 2007, Event Manager Blog is the number one blog worldwide for event professionals. He is the founder of the Event Innovation Lab, an immersive training program for Fortune 500 companies and high growth event teams.

He has been named one of the 25 most influential individuals in the Meeting Industry.

He is the author of over 10 books on event technology and innovation (The Eventtech Bible, Meeting Design, The Future of Event Marketing, The Art of Venue Negotiation, the annual Event Trends Report, Social Media for Events, The Event App Bible, The Good Event Registration Guide, Engaging Events, The Venue of the Future).

Terri Hardin

Terri Hardin is formerly the Editor-in-Chief of MeetingNews and senior editor for Successful Meetings. Her work in the meetings industry has won awards from Folio and the Content Marketing Institute. She now reports on business travel, CRE development, hospitality, and meetings technology.

Becki Cross

Becki Cross set up UK based event management company and SME, Events Northern Ltd, in 2004. Becki has organized events ranging from conferences to exhibitions, festivals to awards ceremonies, fashion shows to golf tournaments and everything in between. Organizing conferences and corporate events is Becki’s passion and she believes that conferences should never be boring!

Becki is the Deputy Editor of EventMB, which she describes as her dream job alongside event planning!

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